Monday, July 27, 2015

Love after marriage

Do you love me?

The question that keeps popping out from a wife, from month-to-month.

At times, marrying a total stranger could be challenging. Me and the husband; we have no ideas about each other before entering the marriage. In fact, we were not even had a proper taaruf throughout the 7 months of engagement. Zero.

Think of it again, I was kind of surprised with myself. How could I easily welcome him into my life? I should admit that everything was completely smooth and easy at the moments, that I have nothing to be doubtful. A total faith, I must say.

Just along the marriage, few doubts suddenly strike into the mind; in between love and responsibility. To marry a person before injecting any heart feeling – somehow leads to curiosity.

Do you love me?

The question that finally put tears on the husband. :(

“Why asking such question? It seems like you were not confident with the relationship”.

In reality, it is not that I was having doubt with the decision, but myself. There was plenty of ‘what if’ that bothers me. What if the more he discovers about me makes him regret? What if my weaknesses turned out makes him annoyed? What if this, and what if that?

Until the answer from dear husband, changed everything.

“A love without responsibility is just like a couple without married. Whilst, responsibility without love is like performing a prayer without treasuring the meaning of the order”.

And to sustain, both should come together.


  1. Lama tak menyinggah sini. Tak sempat ada, terlupa pun ada juga :-) Tapi, setiap kali datang sini pasti teruja nak baca lagi dan lagi. Semoga cinta semakin utuh hari demi hari.

    1. saya pun lama tak update kak, hehe.

      amiin ya Allah. tima kasih atas doa. :)